Timmy Will in the studio, Matty T Wall on the blower

Exactly as the headline says.

We spoke to the Perth-based bluesman ahead of his Sydney show and his new CD.

Timmy Will was live in the studio acting as copilot and playing a few of his tunes live for us.

Click here to listen!

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Steve Lucas talks X

Steve Lucas was on the line talking about the band he’s put together for the upcoming X show at the Newtown Social Club, featuring Wally from the Meanies on bass and Bill from the Cosmic Psychos on drums.

Click here to listen.

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Peter “Blackie” Black live in the studio

On January 16 this year, Big Daddy K (Sydney Sounds) and I were privileged to have Hard On and Nunchukka Superfly legend Peter Black in the studio. He joined Big Daddy K shortly after 18:00 and stayed though Radioactive until it was time us to make way Mikko and Thematics.

Part 1 is Blackie with Big Daddy K.

In Part 2, we not only talk to Blackie, we also talk to Kiwi punk rockers Die! Die! Die! and Boston-based journo Valerie Van De Panne

Listen to it all here.

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Fierce Mild

Troy Rainbow was on the line from Melbourne talking to us about Fierce Mild’s new single Test You and their upcoming Sydney show at 107 Projects in Redfern on 14 January.

Click here to listen.

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People Like That

We had Rob Prior and Glenn Bidmead in the studio. They get around as a duo called “People Like That” and they were in to play some of their tunes and chew the fat.

Have a listen here.

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Andrew Duffield – The Models

We had Andrew Duffield, keyboard player from the Models ahead of the their show at the Factory in Marrickville on December 18.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Don McGlashan – 2 Inch Tape – Claws and Organs – Cigars of the Pharaoh

November 7, 2015

We had a deadset monster of a show on Radioactive’s Saturday edition on 2RRR 88.5 FM tonight.

We had a long chat Kiwi legend Don McGlashan. People in the know will remember him from the Front Lawn and the Mutton Birds. His new album Lucky Stars is a ripper and he’s launching it at the Petersham Bowling Club on Thursday night (12/11). Click here to listen.

Been digging Melbourne band 2 Inch Tape’s newie New Addiction and we spoke to Simon from the band. Click here to listen.

We also talked to Craig from Cigars of the Pharaoh (great name!) and listened to their new single. Click here to listen.

And, those who listening to our live to air from Bob Short’s launch will remember that we had some technical difficulties at the end (bummer) so we didn’t get to play our interview Melbourne three-piece Claws and Organs, so we played that tonight too. Click here to listen.

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Bob Short album launch

Big Daddy K from Sydney Sounds and Chris from Radioactive went along to the launch of Bob Short’s solo album Et mourir de plaisir and broadcast live to air from his house. True.

Besides Bob, playing on the night were Jeff Sullivan and Glenn and Glenda as well Bob and someone else doing some Velvet Underground covers.

Listen to the audio here.

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Stuart Coupe and all things Mushroom and Gudinski

Stuart Coupe’s unauthorised biography on the life of Mushroom Records founder and music industry icon Michael Gudinski has been racing up the best seller lists all around the country, so we had him in for a chat and it provided us with an opportunity to play nothing but Mushroom label music all night.

Click here to listen.

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Smith Street Band and the Outland Brothers

We had two phone guests:

Chris Cowburn from the Smith Street band.  They have a new single and they’re up her next Wednesday the 9th at the Manning Bar. Listen here.

Esme Macdonald from the Outland Brothers. Their debut LP God is Drunk in Charge is damn good and they’ll be at Gasoline Pony in Marrickville on Sunday the 12th. Listen here.

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